Monday, January 6, 2014

Organizing Under Your Kitchen Sink

It's the beginning of the New Year and it's the season for resolutions. I don't typically say I'll do this or that this year, but one of my major goals for 2014 is to organize my house from top to bottom. I started on this journey in 2013 and have had some good successes with it, and it looks like I am starting 2014 off on the right foot.

This past weekend I spent some time organizing under my kitchen sink. There is really no way to make the space under the kitchen sink look pretty, but you can get it organized. 

All I needed for this project was the same bins I used to organize under my bathroom sink (click here to read that post), shelf liner, and my trusty label maker. I went back to the dollar store for the bins so this costs me less than $10 to do!

It's so easy now that I don't have any boxes or bags to go through to get to a garbage bag or to find a sponge. Now that everything has it's place, even my toddler can help put things away where they belong or find things easily enough when he helps us tidy up.

It's still not that pretty, but the shelf liner really added a nice touch, along with the pop of yellow. However, if you have a way for me to hide the pipes, please share! 

If you need help organizing or have a space you need help with, please comment below as I'd love to help find a solution and post it on my blog.

Happy organizing!

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  1. Under my kitchen sink looks EXACTLY like your "before" picture. I love the idea of using bins to organize that space!