Friday, February 27, 2015

This One is Personal

Let's be honest; I've neglected this blog for the last little while. 

It's not something I'm proud of because I do very much enjoy blogging.

This time I am truly struggling and think it's the perfect time for you to get to know me a little bit better.

I am a fun-loving Hamiltonian who has a serious thing for cupcakes; I am a wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend, and now…

… a full-blown entrepreneur.

And that right there scares the shit out me. 

The truth is, up until a few months ago, I’ve been a full-blown corporate woman for almost nine years. Nine. Almost a full decade. I started working in the world of HR right after I finished college and spent the past nine years working for the same company. Talk about loyalty.

I guess it wasn’t mutual because I was laid off as a result of restructuring. Not fun.

When One Door Closes

I have to admit; it was really unexpected (though I guess those situations always are). I was shocked, saddened, and I really didn’t know what to do. I cried. I called my sister. I called my husband (and made him come home from work). We went for breakfast and then that afternoon I went for a manicure and pedicure. I deserved it after all.

Not a completely bad day considering how it started.

My point though? I’m 100% going to turn this into something positive.

Yes it’s a pretty crappy feeling when you lose your job, but I also see it as a clean slate. An opportunity to do something I truly love and was meant to do.

This was my sign - I am no longer meant for the corporate world. And now I've had the daunting task of getting used to life at home (mostly working and adjusting to having too much time on my hands). It sounds like a nice problem to have, but sometimes I really don't know what I should be doing or where I should be going. It's such a change from the corporate life.

But I feel like it was meant to be and that I'm meant to set my own schedule; be my own GirlBoss. 

I am meant to live out my dream.

I can now spend some time volunteering at my son’s school; I can keep up with my daily activities and chores without trying to be super mom; I can prepare healthy meals at home; I can spend more time with my family; and I can spend more time focusing my efforts on doing what I love, which is planning weddings (and everything else that comes with being a WeddingGirl).

Leap of Faith

Just because one door closes it doesn’t mean another one will automatically open. First, make sure the first door stays shut and then work as hard as you can to pick the right door. Don’t just take on the first thing that comes at you as you might end up with some regrets.

As it turns out for me, WeddingGirl has been my right door all along.

Deep down I knew it, it was just hard to make the official transition and I am happy I now have that opportunity.

It’s true that sometimes life throws you unexpected punches. Things go wrong in life, situations change, people change. But the question then becomes, how can I make it better?

You make it better by changing your outlook on the situation. Ask yourself how you can turn the negative into a positive. Picture the change as a clean slate that can be painted anyway you want it.

And own it.

Make it happen.

Be happy because you have the right to be. And trust me, you do.

Oh, and try not to let anyone dictate when you can take your vacation.

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