Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Crazy Cat

I'm sure everyone who has a cat thinks that their cat is some form of crazy, and mine is no exception. I've recently start going to university part-time (on top of my full-time job and my two-year old; yikes!), and when I have the opportunity to work on school work, I will take it. This past Sunday was that day as my husband Doug took our son to two birthday parties. I was sad I couldn't attend, but I really needed to do some school work. Because I procrastinate. A lot.

Well, since our basement renovations are in the last stages (including my new office!), I have to work at our dining room table in the meantime.

Now I love my cat Inca (pronounced Ink-a), not because he's black and was born on Halloween, but because he loves to cuddle and sleeps right next to me. However, he sure does love to get in the way sometimes. Case in point:

 Why aren't you paying attention to me?

Within minutes he was asleep on my text book and I always feel bad for moving him because he looks so cute. Can I blame my procrastination on my cat?

Hey, at least I'm not saying the dog ate my homework!

 Do you have any fun or cute cat stories?