Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Little Tête-à-Tête

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Mary, the girl behind weddinggirl.ca. As I've mentioned on my blog before I am an aspiring wedding and event planner (my dream job), so I just had to jump at the chance to meet her and attend an event she put on called WeddingGirl Multiplied (WGx). You can read all about it on her website.

She welcomed everyone at the elegant Faculty Club with open arms (literally hugging everyone she met), while offering champaign and h'orderves. It was such an awesome atmosphere to walk into.

After I had the chance to meet most people in attendance (there was about 30 of us), things got started and Mary opened up about her journey as a wedding planner; where she started, little tidbits about things that happened along the way, and of course where she is today. I've never had the chance to meet a wedding planner before so it was very encouraging to hear her story first-hand. The challenges of sometimes not being able to please a bride no matter what you do, to the endless possibilities of travel was both scary and exciting to hear about at the same time!

After telling us about her journey the floor was open for Q&A, and what great questions we all had. From how to start a business to having a business plan to working with vendors. We simply gained some powerful insight and it was amazing.

Mary is looking to grow her business, which is there the 'Multiplied' comes from. She has her sights set on travel and taking over the world. While I still need to learn more about where this can lead, I hope I can be a big part of it. There is nothing better than the chance to have a mentor that is kind, generous and truly genuine, and I can't wait to start my journey.

And if I could end with a simple, yet very truthful saying that was attached to the delicious cupcake we got to take home, it would be this:
Cheers to taking over the world.

- Lisa

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  1. It was wonderful reading your caption on the night, and great to see others are just as excited as myself to be a part of WeddingGirl's changes.