Monday, May 7, 2012

A Splash of Colour

Those who know me know my wordrobe consists of mainly black, blue, purple and grey. Not many options, and certainly not much colour. This is one thing that truly bothers my husband who really thinks I look good in some colour. I do think I need more colour options when it comes to my clothes and I believe I have been putting in a good effort to add colour as much as possible (whether it be clothes or accessories).

Coral is one colour that I am drawn to and it seems to be the it colour of the seasion - it's everywhere! It also helps that it looks good on me. So when my sister and I made a trip to the States this past weekend, we stopped where we always stop, Target (at least until their stores finally open in Canada anyway). At Target I found this very comfortable and pretty coral cardigan.

 (cute right?)


I am definitely going to try to keep adding colour to my wordrobe, but the best part about colar is that it matches quite nicely with blue!

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