Friday, April 27, 2012

Personalized Alphabet Print

My son Eric is almost 2 years old (where has the time gone?). I honestly can't believe he's almost two already! He's still in his crib, but I know we'll have to move him to a bed soon, so this had me thinking about updating his nursery to a 'big boy' room. Which is also timed nicely, because I think we're going to start looking for a new house within the next six months (a post on that topic will come later).
He's really gotten into the learning stage at this point (he can already count to 15 - sorry, proud mommy moment), but I really want to start incorporating this learning into his room. 

To start, I went to Etsy. I wanted to find a nice alphabet print to hang in his room since he's also starting to learn the alphabet right now. I came across mytinytotcreative and found the perfect personalized alphabet print. The colours will match his new room perfectly (blue and white) and the letters are clear and easy to read. It also reminds him how much I love him :)

The frame was not included.

Until I can start working on his room, I've just put the print on Eric's bookshelf.

I think it's a nice touch to have in a kids room, but I'm curious to know - how have you incorporated learning into your kids room?

-  Lisa

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