Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dresser Chaos

I really do think I am a very organized person, and it's something I'm good at. But sometimes, I am just plain messy. After working all day and then caring for my son, I'm just exhausted and just set things down where they really shouldn't go.

One of these places is the top of my dresser. Every time I took something upstairs, it would land here. This had to change. When I went to Target a couple of months back, I did buy some organizers for the things on my dresser; this includes my blow dryer, straightener, brush, hair products and much more.

Here's what my dresser looked like - how embarrassing!

You'll notice cords hanging in front of the dresser. My husband's clothes are on that side so he is very happy I chose to organize this space.

These are the organizers I bought. I love the spots specifically for the blow dryer and straightener.

After an hour of organizing and throwing some things out, as well as dusting and cleaning, this is the outcome.

The little orange container is filled with bobby pins and elastics. My garter is wrapped around it so I am always reminded of my wedding day :)

This round tray spins, it's fantastic!

I think the next time I go to Target, I need to check out more of their storage options.

- Lisa

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