Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Following Your Dreams + A WeddingGirl Photoshoot

A few weeks ago the WeddingGirl team had our very own promo shoot. It was such an amazing experience; a day that I will never forget. I've never been involved in anything like that before and it was so fun!

We all woke up before the sun, packed bags full of all-things-beautiful, and made our way to downtown Toronto.

We shared jewellery.

We did each other's hair.

We spent to morning drowning in coffee, Portuguese custard tarts, and make-up.

We rocked little black dresses with killer stilettos and over sized balloons in frigid temperatures. 

And we laughed. All day.

The #WGx team planned this photoshoot to celebrate the incredible things that happen when you make your wildest dreams become a reality.

And when Jeff from Barking Mad Media asked me what WeddingGirl means to me, I explicitly remember saying that it meant empowerment and making wedding dreams come true. These women that I have been surrounded by these past few months are incredible. They make me believe that anything is possible. Anything that you set your mind to achieve, you can make it happen. Their friendship and support are an incredible thing to have and I am so lucky I am able to work with them. 

And as it turns out, I have started working with my very first couple. I am so excited to work with Julia + Steve who are tying the knot on July 19th. 

Dreams really do come true.

Here's a sneak peek at how our day went.


Follow your dreams - it will be worth it.


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Post excerpt borrow from www.weddinggirl.ca
Photography Credit: Serena Swan Photography

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