Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hello loves! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a busy (and fun) weekend, and it looks like the rest of my weekends up until the end of October are busy as well! There is so much coming up!

But first, let's get this one covered :)

Friday night I was supposed to have a Stampin' Up party, but much to my dismay, it was cancelled. Have you heard of Stampin' Up before? I recently fell in love with making homemade cards, and they sell stamps and other materials to make them. I love everything they have (although I don't think my wallet does). 

Anyway, unfortunately my reps baby sitter had backed out (a situation I can relate to); but having said that, my sister Shannon and our friend Nita ended up going out for appetizer's at Montana's. If you haven't been there yet, their corn bread is amazing! Unfortunately, they were out of that when I ordered. I guess things just didn't want to go my way that night!

Saturday morning my sister and I went to an Etsy craft show. It was so nice to see some items from Etsy in person before purchasing them. During the afternoon, I looked after the kids while Doug was playing in a card tournament (Magic anyone?). We just did a little bit of shopping and then came home and played.

Anyone else have a five year-old that thinks Walmart is like a vacation? Seriously, he said that. Clearly I shop there way too often.

Sunday was such a lovely day! We held a bridal shower for my friend Nita (I'm her Maid of Honour), and it was so fun! It looked cute an all the ladies had a great time. I such wish I had time and remembered to take a picture of me and the bride! Here is the lovely bride herself!

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. That is a total bummer about the Stampin' Up party! I have heard of it but never been to a party, I think I would love it though. LOVE that cake you had for your friends bridal shower!!! Did you make it or have it made at a bakery? Looks delicious!