Sunday, October 12, 2014

Starting Kindergarten

It's been about a month since Eric has started school and although it was a bumpy start, he seems to be really enjoying himself. I really thought I would be a crier but I actually didn't cry at all; I think I was just too excited for him. 

But in all honesty, he can stop growing any time now.

All the kids in his class are super cute though; and there's just something about little kids with their over-sized backpacks that just makes you smile. 

The first couple of weeks were slightly rough for Eric. Though he is fully potty trained (except at night), he really regressed when school started. Mostly with pooping in his underpants instead of the potty. He didn't ask for help, he was went in his underwear. Every time I asked him why, he really didn't have any answer. I know it takes a while for kids to adjust, but I really wasn't expecting it. Luckily he knows how to clean himself up and that I always send him with a change of clothes, because the teachers are not allowed to go into the bathroom with the children.

He's in the before and after care program too since Doug and I both commute for work. He really likes that part of the day because most of it is in the gym. They play games, do crafts, have snacks, and just the other day another kid gave him a couple of his Pokemon cards. He now wants to start collecting them (I'm not to excited about that).

All in all, full day Kindergarten is a good thing. He's learning, he's more interested in books, and he's making new friends, among other things. The only thing I don't like is how tired he is at the end of the day! I mean, he sometimes falls asleep on the couch right when he gets home, or will actually fall asleep on the five minute car ride home from the school. He's still a napper though; and not just because we like him to nap, but because he actually needs it. He's such a cranky boy when he's tried and doesn't get enough sleep. Naps definitely help that.

Having said that, I know he's going to make such great progress and take everything as it comes the best way he can. I plan to post regular updates on his school life not only for my own documentation, but since I also joined the school council, I want to share some of our projects and school improvement to give other parents idea's.

Thanks for sharing our journey with us! 

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