Friday, July 4, 2014

Hey - it's Friday!

Well didn't this week just fly by!

Seriously though, where did this week go? I guess having two long weekends in a row makes time fly, but who's complaining?

Here's how my week went.

1. My husband threw me a surprise pre-birthday dinner get-together at Canyon Creek Chophouse. It was really nice to have dinner and get to chat with some friends; some who even came from out of town. We then had people back at the house for some cards. Overall, it was just a great night with friends.

Oh, and if I haven't said it before, you should check out Canyon Creek - they have the best steak around.

2. Michael BublĂ©

Honestly, I love him. Each time I see him, I end of loving him even more. He's funny, charming, he knows how to entertain, and of course, that voice of his. Me and some girlfriends went to see his concert in Toronto this past Saturday and it was such a fun girls night out.

Megan, Nita, Melissa, and I
Melissa and I (with a cellphone shadow)

3. My family headed up to our cottage on Sunday for a few days. We had some amazing family time playing outside, swimming, going to the beach, playing mini golf and so much more.

3. I turned 30 on Tuesday; and I feel fabulous!

4. My sister and I had a movie night last night. We went to see the Fault in our Stars. It was a great movie that probably hits home for a lot of people out there. Have your Kleenex ready.

How was your week? Please comment and tell me about it!

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