Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Journey to Kindergarten

Well, it's official. Yesterday was the day that I registered Eric for Kindergarten *insert crying here*. It's such a bittersweet feeling to think he'll be starting school in the Fall, even though he's been going to daycare since he was 11 months old. 

This is different for me though, not only because public school is free (which is a BIG plus), but because it brings out more emotions than I care to admit. From fear, anxiety, and even relief. It's all rolled up into one giant ball of emotion. We as parents help set the stage for what our children experience and this will be no different. How we perceive school is in a way, how he will as well. We'll look on and wonder how he'll recieve this entire experience as he grows into a more capable, competent and enthusiastic learner.

This new journey will set the stage for his entire school career, and that is where the fear comes in. I loved school when I was young; up until grade 5 that is. It all went downhill from there with the bullies that played a big part of my life, whom unfortunately, I still think about today.

I want Eric's journey to be better than mine, but my tortured bullied self still buried deep down inside is crying and screaming for me to protect him. I know first hand that kids can be mean; sometimes downright nasty to each other, and I don't want to think of him going through what I did. 

I know as a mom that I need to go into this with an open mind. An open mind that, yes, he will be OK. Eric is a pretty fun-loving, down to earth boy. He knows how to make you laugh, that's for sure. I know he will make friends and have a great time at school, and he will certainly learn (I have no doubt there). I know he'll come home everyday after school and want to tell me all about his day, I actually look forward to it. To many things actually; being on school council, class trips, school-day visits, and so on).

But because of my early school experiences, I am going to make sure I am involved in Eric's school life, in a not-so-invasive way. He'll still have his own school things. Doing so will make me feel better as a mom; knowing that I can be involved and have a positive influence on him and potentially other children in his class.

So here is to this new life journey (even though it's not until the Fall). 

This mom will be taking it one day at a time.

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  1. I completely agree and couldn't of put it better myself. It is very nerve racking but they will grow up to be generous, kind hearted boys :)