Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's a Monster Bash Birthday!

My son turned two this past July and we had a big backyard birthday bash to celebrate - make that a big Monster BashTwo is a wonderful age and he certainly keeps us busy, and he just happens to love little monsters so we couldn't have picked a better theme.

With a little Pinterest inspiration, I made most of my own party decorations and couldn't have asked for a better party. Here is how it turned out.
These invitations were created in Publisher. I purchased the monster clip art is from Etsy for no more than $5 and now I can use them for any future event or party.

This monster banner was downloaded from the SevenThirtyThree blog.

I made all of these circle cut-outs in MS Publisher.

The monster hats were an idea courtesy of Pinterest. They're made with regular party hats, construction paper, white card stock, poms poms, and googly eyes. 

The food table was a hit!

The kids loved having their own monster drink bucket.

Who knew monsters were so tasty?

The Birthday Boy!

Another idea from SevenThirtyThree are these monster mouths.

They created a memorable moment for everyone!

The party itself was a hit and all of the kids (and adults) had a great time! Two is a wonderful age and our son continues to amaze us. He's a super smart kid, loves to talk, colour and do everything pretty much other two year old loves to do. I look forward to throwing him many more birthday parties! I hope you enjoyed!

If you have any questions about how I made any of the items above, please feel free to comment.

- Lisa 

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